*Traditional 3-wing priest's biretta in softly ribbed polyester fabric *Italian handmade with silk pom-pom and full lining *In stock in hat sizes 6 7/8" through 7 3/4" *Ready to Ship in One Business Day

(Please measure the head circumference with a measuring tape around the widest part of the head, above eyebrows and ears. Measure to nearest 1/8 inch.)

Biretta Size Chart:

6 7/8 = Head Size 21 1/2"

7 = Head Size 21 7/8"

7 1/8 = Head Size 22 1/4"

7 1/4 = Head Size 22 5/8"

7 3/8 = Head Size 23"

7 1/2 = Head Size 23 1/2"

7 5/8 = Head Size 23 7/8"

7 3/4 = Head Size 24 1/4"

The BIRETTA (Latin: biretum, birretum) is a square cap . Traditionally the three-peaked biretta is worn by Roman Catholic clergy and some Anglican and Lutheran clergy. The biretta is used by all ranks of the Roman Catholic clergy from cardinals to priests, deacons, and seminarians. Those worn by cardinals are scarlet red. After the Second Vatican Council, the ceremony of giving the galero to cardinals was replaced with giving the biretta. The biretta of a bishop is Fuschia in color, while those worn by priests, deacons, and seminarians are black. Birettas are also occasionally worn by high church Anglican clergy. Canons and deans often wear a black biretta.

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